Outlander Movie Showrunner Filming That Flogging Picture

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from Saturday's Outlander. Read at your own risk.] Outlander  has reached one of many pivotal moments from the first book on which it’s based, but even if you knew what was coming, Saturday’s episode was still hard to watch. The hour began with Claire ( Caitriona Balfe ) and Dougal ( Graham McTavish ) coming face-to-face with the Red Coats, and our leading lady assuring them that she had been with the MacKenzie clan willingly. Still, Claire had to convince another man of her motives: Jack Randall ( Tobias Menzies ), the man who almost raped her when she first fell through the stones at Craigh na Dun. http://www.tvguide.com/News/Outlander-Flogging-Scene-1086790.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Cecily Strong Opens Up About Getting Replaced on “Weekend Update”

Fox is aiming to establish a new kind of “brat pack” with its coming-of-age drama  Red Band Society . Set in the children’s ward of a Los Angeles hospital, Red Band Society follows a Breakfast Club-esque group of patients as they such face life-changing — and life-threatening — challenges.  Zoe Levin ,  Charlie Rowe , Astro ,  Ciara Bravo , and  Nolan Sotillo  star as the unlikely group of friends.  Dave Annable ,  Rebecca Rittenhouse  and Oscar winner  Octavia Spencer  take on the adult roles of the doctors and nurses who mentor them through the ups and downs of adolescence. http://www.tvguide.com/News/Fall-TV-Editors-Picks-Red-Band-Society-1086459.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Sam Worthington Sued for $10 Million Over Alleged Paparazzo Assault

Cecily Strong  has spoken out for the first time since it was revealed that Michael Che  will  replace her  on “Weekend Update” this season on  Saturday Night Live . http://www.tvguide.com/News/Cecily-Strong-Replaced-Weekend-Update-SNL-1086838.aspx?rss=breakingnews

CBS Refutes Kathy Griffin’s Claim That Females Weren’t Considered for Late, Late Show Gig

A few days after the passing of Joan Rivers, the only women to ever host a late-night show on broadcast TV, CBS announced that  Craig Ferguson ‘s  Late Late Show successor would be yet another white man (and one most Americans hadn’t even heard of),  James Corden . Though  Kathy Griffin  was disappointed in the decision, the comedian says she was far from surprised, especially since she claims that CBS told her they wouldn’t even consider women for the gig. http://www.tvguide.com/News/Kathy-Griffin-CBS-Female-Late-Night-Host-1086839.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Fall TV Editors’ Picks: Red Band Society

Sam Worthington  and his girlfriend Lara Bingle are being sued for $10 million over an alleged  assault  with a paparazzo,  TMZ  reports. http://www.tvguide.com/News/Sam-Worthington-Sued-10-Million-Paparazzi-Assault-1086837.aspx?rss=breakingnews

White Collar’s Final Season to Bow in November

It’s time for White Collar fans to start bracing for goodbye. The USA drama will kick off its final six-episode run on… http://www.tvguide.com/News/White-Collar-Final-Season-Premiere-Date-1086798.aspx?rss=breakingnews

VIDEO: How Well Does the NCIS: New Orleans Cast Know The Big Easy?

No matter how you feel about HBO’s  The Newsroom , I think we can all agree that the drama’s  Season 3 teaser —which features a copy machine spitting out script pages—is rather pretentious. http://www.tvguide.com/News/Veronica-Mars-Spinoff-Trailer-1086817.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Veronica Mars Spin-off Spoofs The Newsroom’s Pretentious Copier Trailer

The cast of  NCIS: New Orleans  has called The Big Easy home for the past several months while they’ve been filming the latest entrant into the NCIS franchise. But how well do they really know the city? http://www.tvguide.com/News/NCIS-New-Orleans-Video-1086796.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Video: Meet the Big Bang Girls’ Adorable Mini-Mes

The Big Bang Theory has some pretty cute — and uncanny — little stars. Remember when Penny ( Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting ), Amy ( Mayim Bialik ) and Bernadette ( Melissa Rauch ) accidentally went to a mother-daughter tea party last season? In this exclusive video … http://www.tvguide.com/News/Exclusive-Video-Big-Bang-Theory-Mini-Mes-1086797.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Need Some Support Trying To Find The Fish

Heading out tomorrow around 9 am, any advice for catching blues or stripers near the Bay Bridge? I am not a huge fan of trolling, but will if I have to. http://www.tidalfish.com/forums/showthread.php/413154-Looking-for-the-fish?goto=newpost

Fishing Report NNAC Tournament and day of adventure!

Fished a rainy Saturday with Ernie (Kiko). Together we landed several nice perch up to 10″. I managed this nice one @ 11.5″ to add to my tally. Thanks, Bob http://www.tidalfish.com/forums/showthread.php/413130-9-13-Perch?goto=newpost

Question gas question

Anybody ever heard to leave the ethanol gas in the carburetors and not run the gas out? For all my life I’ve been told/taught to run the gas out of outboard motors between trips. That practice has served me well I believe. However a friend was advised (by his mechanic) to leave the carbs full and keep the gas hooked up. He said when the ethanol remnants are there after the gas has been “run out”, this is when things get gunked up. Leaving fuel in the carburetors prevents this from happening. http://www.tidalfish.com/forums/showthread.php/413162-gas-question?goto=newpost

Fishing Report fishing in the NNAC tournament today

Went to the eastern shore side and no luck. Went north and started catching blues north of the Cell. Found a small pocket of fish in the area and ended up with 6 nice size blues and one Spanish that weighted in at 2 lbs 4 ozs. caught by Bob Reed. Probably lost as many as we hooked up. Great day on the water! http://www.tidalfish.com/forums/showthread.php/413146-fishing-in-the-NNAC-tournament-today?goto=newpost

Question Tackle Recommendation

Is the ramp at Locklies suitable for a 23ft boat – roller trailer, would you recommend this ramp? Capt.Skid–One Mo Pass- http://www.tidalfish.com/forums/showthread.php/413122-Locklies-Marina?goto=newpost

Question Locklies Marina

It only takes ONE day like this to keep you coming back again and again. It is a blessing from God himself to get days like this and great friends to share it with. Thanks again Frank for the tip! We each ended up at least getting weigh in a Spanish at J & W’s. (An the bottom fell out as we pulled away to head home.) Free boat wash! http://www.tidalfish.com/forums/showthread.php/413170-NNAC-Tournament-and-day-of-adventure!?goto=newpost

9/13 Perch

They have put together and number of 5, 7, 9 and 13 line spreads. I plan on running 7 lines – 2 long riggers, 2 short riggers, 2 flat lines and one WWB. In their 7 line spread, the offer: Two 16″ Spreader Bars (rigged with 7.5″ shell squid), Two 32″ Spreader Bars (rigged with 7.5″ shell squid), One Chick Bird (9″) centerline Daisy chain (rigged with 7.5″ skirt squid), Two Daisy Chains (rigged with 5″ or 6″ skirt squid). The spead is available in a number of colors. http://www.tidalfish.com/forums/showthread.php/413138-Tackle-Recommendation?goto=newpost


Many agents have other ways of determining the discounts, however, we get numerous tools to handle each broker’s computation strategy. We utilize of determining your concessions, a simple method. It is the proportion of the concessions we get, e.g: Total Rebates x Charge gt; $ 5 = that is 80% $ 4,000 for you personally. We deliver you the cash by http://uk.reuters.com/post/2014/09/12/uk-markets-britain-futures-idUKKBN0H717Y20140912?type=GCA-ForeignExchange the fifth of the next month by the technique you picked in your profile. The cost technique can transform later, check FAQs for details. Evaluating Us to Other Comparable CashBack Applications 50-80% of what we earn, greater incentives, others generally less 50 % are paid by us! We have far more agents stated, and will increase your brokerage also very fast! http://www.fxcbr.com

Contract for variation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Standard profit for shares is 3%-15% with regards to the liquidity of the fundamental tool. Inside our illustration Apple CFDs need edge of 5%. $19,442.00 x 0.05 = $972.10 Revenue & Decline displays a profit after expenses 8.00 .69 = 7.31 to sum up we’ve needed to deposit $972.10 to address perimeter with this business and built a of $567.31. In the event the value of Apple shares had alternatively fallen by $6.15, we would have sustained a lack of $647.47 ($608 plus profits). Case 2 – An Index based CFD trade about the S&G 500 Index[ edit ] In this case we show an index based CFD. Amp;G 500 List & the S reaches 1093.9. We believe so and that the Catalog may go down choose to have a ‘limited’ placement. Our CFD agent is costing 1094.1 supply and 1093.7 bid. Step 1 Beginning a situation Sell 10 S&P500 CFDs at bet cost 10 x $1093.7 = $10,937 Profit and Loss displays a after costs .00 + 0.60 = .60 In summary we’ve had to deposit $54.68 to cover margin on this business and made a of $96.60. If the S&R 500 Directory had increased rather by 10 points we’d have experienced a loss in .40 (.00 + Costs). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contract_for_difference#Trading

The Final Guide to CFDs|Options investing IQ

Under this style, buyers are much more more likely to get yourself a greater price on the trade. Traded In this design, CFDs are being traded by you directly on the change. In Sydney, whilst the ASX is not any longer offering exhange CFDs that are dealt, the Market Machine and Direct Access type are the only types open to people. To ensure that method of trading has gone the way of the Dodo the Exchange-Traded Type was distinctive to Australia. Risks The limits are substantial with CFDs so its important to recognize the hazards. Heres a look at several: MARKET RISK Here Is The one that is major. So a little activity within the price of the underlying can have a large impact on your profit or damage you are taking over massive control. http://www.optionstradingiq.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-cfds/

3 Etfs For Dealing Japanese Stocks Amid Yen Weakness|view It Industry

These ETFs are listed in bucks and dont hedge foreign currency risk. If the yen is weaker today if you obtained one of these simple ETFs 8 weeks previously, for instance, if you have a gain than it was the currency interpretation means youll get back fewer pounds than you might expect. An item by MoriningStar in 2012 highlights the advantages of WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity (DXJ). This fund currency risk. Therefore when the weakening tendency inside the pound boosts, the hit to get potential within this ETF is going to be significantly less than it’s to EWJ. Keep in mind, it monitors a – catalog that is calculated and it is biased toward price. http://www.seeitmarket.com/3-etfs-trading-japanese-equities-amid-yen-weakness-13768/

A Closer Consider The Dow|Tumblr Photoset – Yahoo Fund

probably the most generally estimated catalog- the Dow Jones Industrial Average- will be the largest offender of distorting the activity. By cost, the Dow weighs the patient pieces unlike traditional market cap calculated indices. What exactly specifically is it currently distorting? After producing front page a brand new all time high on June 26th, we have seen the Dow ostensibly deal sideways for that previous twelve classes. Youll notice people say that we digesting the current benefits before we breakout of the range, or are either stalling before a correction. Whatever your viewpoint, here are the important points: Currently, the Dow is just 1% from your all time high, however, if we have a deeper glimpse under the lid, we realize that the typical Dow portion is really 5.2% off their high. A closer examination shows that the very best three weightings while in the Dow (Credit, IBM, and Goldman Sachs) make up 22% of the index, however symbolize just 8% of the total market capitalization. Additionally, the very best five Dow stocks make ~52% of the listing up, though they only symbolize ~36% of the total market-cap. One of the most overweight investment while in the Dow is although its market cap is simply 2.8% of the listing, Visa, which can be honored an weighting. Probably the most under-weight investment is even though it symbolizes nearly 8% of the capitalization, Microsoft, that is only 1.8% of the index. http://finance.yahoo.com/tumblr/photoset-a-closer-look-at-the-dow-have-you-ever-seen-the-010827389.html

S&P 500 list tracker: Buffettis large expenditure select; accessing it from SA – Biznews.com

Here are some items for this S&R 500 along with the deals you will find them on, and ticker limitations. Fortunately, Buffett has taken a lot of the work of determining which is a guess that was good, by pointing to the S&;P 500 tracker. Therefore, lets begin with any particular one. It’s on the Newest York, London and Toronto deals. If you’re purchasing the ETF immediately, it’s possibly easiest decide for US- after transforming your rands to bucks detailed VOO. This monitor is described by Vanguard as giving high potential for investment expansion. An investment of US$10 000 in 2010 would be worth over US$18 000 today. But Vanguard does caution that prices fall and rise more deliberately than securities. S & 500 tracker is more appropriate for long-term goals where your growth that is moneys is important, it says. No uncertainty why Buffett loves this essentially the most out of all the S R 500 trackers available to his trustee and significantly is that this ETF’s trouble percentage is 0.05%. Vanguard says on its website that this is 95% lower than funds with similar holdings’ average expense proportion. http://www.biznews.com/etfs-2/2014/09/index-tracker-buffetts-big-investment-pic/

Leo And Blake Maintain It Low-key Throughout A Night Out

After the show, the hat-obscured pair attempted to avoid paparazzi by ducking down in the back of a pal’s car. So, are we the only ones who imagine DiCaprio spending the next few days serenading the starlet with a favorite ditty from the concert, dubbing each one “their song”? Maybe he’ll opt for something anvil-licious like “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours,” “I Just Called to Say I Love You” or “You Are the Sunshine of My Life”? Or could he mess with her head and start humming “Part-Time Lover”? http://wonderwall.msn.com/movies/gossip-romance-report-for-july-26-wonder-ful-night-out-for-leo-and-blake–14067.gallery

Kat Von D storms out of an interview over Jesse clip

Romance Report for July 27: Tantrums and Bad Timing 1 of 6 By Kat Giantis Kat Von D really doesn’t want to talk about her fizzled romance with Jesse James. E! News reports that shortly before an interview with “Good Day L.A.” on Wednesday morning, she “stormed out of the studio” because the show ran a TLC-provided clip from the new season of her show, “L.A. Ink.” In the snippet, Von D is seen awkwardly surprising the former Sandra Bullock two-timer with a tattoo of his childhood face (complete with feathered hair) in the most anatomically fitting place possible: under her armpit. (Watch the clip here .) “Dear GoodDayLA, thanks for the waste of a perfectly good morning,” Kat tweeted a short time later. http://wonderwall.msn.com/tv/gossip-romance-report-for-july-27-tantrums-and-bad-timing-14101.gallery

Mehboob Ki Song HD Video and Lyrics Ft. Bipasha Basu and Imraan Abbas – Creature 3D

It echoes the argument used by ousted autocrats including Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, Tunisia’s Zine El Abdeine Ben Ali and Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh to justify their repressive policies. A formal ban is expected during a forthcoming meeting of the Senior Sporting Clubs Committee (SSCC) that groups the heads of Egypt’s major clubs. Mortada Mansour, the committee’s head and president of Al Zamalek SC, one of two storied and crowned Cairo clubs, has accused Ultras White Knights (UWK), Zamalek’s militant support group, of last month trying to assassinate him. In a blowback to the walk-up to Mr. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/james-dorsey/egypts-banning-of-ultras_b_5776282.html

Splitsville for Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth

The movie is starring Bipasha Basu and Imran Abbas Naqvi in the lead roles. http://moviesboxoffice.in/mehboob-ki-song-hd-video-and-lyrics-ft-bipasha-basu-and-imraan-abbas-creature-3d/

Egypt’s banning of ultras constitutes effort to outlaw legitimate opposition

During a July 21 shindig, he apparently turned his considerable charms on a brunette, who proceeded to leave with him. Lainey Gossip also spotted A.Skars chatting up “Game of Thrones” actress Emilia Clarke and noted, “Women were throwing themselves at him.” “He’s single,” affirms an insider, “and he is loving the attention!” Skarsgard hooked up with Bosworth while filming the soon-to-be released “Straw Dogs” in 2008. But the romance has long been dogged by talk of trouble. Breakup whispers began last fall after the wispy starlet, 28, supposedly got reacquainted with the lips of an old high school boyfriend (she denied it). The rift rumors reignited in March, when Us claimed they’d “hit a rough patch.” “They’ve been fighting a lot about stupid stuff,” tattled a source. http://wonderwall.msn.com/movies/gossip-splitsville-for-alexander-skarsgard-and-kate-bosworth-14093.gallery

Ftse100 Forecast – Better Trader

The ECB cut interest rates and pledged to visit these pages assist the economy. Unemployment in Europe is rising, fiscal task is slowing, all of this despite many interventions by the ECB because the financial crisis began. The economy is not really accented that the next period is almost certainly a deflationary setting. As buyers wait their purchases this may fit more pressure. Nonetheless marketplace individual are not convinced the economy will be revived by the latest move from the ECB. Share markets surged about the news then pulled back. The FTSE was not almost changed, amp;R & the S closed down. Europe may be the UKis biggest trading partners, if Europe decreases it does subject to UK corporations, that is why the UK will be spread to by any difficulties over there. http://www.bettertrader.co.uk/blog/2014/09/f-4.html

Forex Neighborhood. The Forex Marketplace

The superior level of power can work against you in addition to for you personally. Before choosing to business forex you should carefully consider amount of encounter appetite, your investment ambitions. The possibility exists that you could support a loss of your entire initial expense or some and so you should not devote cash that you simply can’t afford to reduce. If you have any concerns, you should be aware of all of the risks connected with foreign currency trading and talk to a completely independent financial specialist. Thoughts do not necessarily represent the opinion of FXStreet and are these of the patient authors. FXStreet http://www.nationalpost.com/Closing+Bell+falls+amid+lower+commodities+surprise+rate/10174983/story.html has not approved the reliability or schedule-in-fact of any claim or assertion created by any separate creator: problems and Omissions may occur.Any thoughts, information, analysis, studies, costs or other data contained on this site, by FXStreet, its employees, spouses or donors, is presented as basic marketplace commentary and doesn’t constitute investment advice. FXStreet won’t accept responsibility for any reduction or destruction, including without restriction to, any loss in income, that might occur directly or indirectly from usage of or reliability on such information. http://FXstreet.com

The quick discharge of Boat A – e-petitions

Underwater A has managed his nation from a terrorist. This e-application has obtained these response: As this e-request has received over 10 000 signatures, the related Government division have supplied the following response: The Company Prosecuting Authority, underneath the authority of the Attorney-General, charged Maritime A with the murder of an unknown taken insurgent in a legal process that is totally independent of Government. After having a public demo facing a Court-Martial, at which he was legally displayed, Maritime A was found two additional Noble Marines were identified simple of the offence, and not innocent of homicide. That consensus does not be changed by the victim’s identity. It’d be inappropriate for your Government to intervene in this separate judicial method This e-petition stays available to signatures and will also be regarded for controversy by the Backbench Organization (visit website) Panel must it go the 100 000 signature tolerance. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/56810

Bees! Bees! Bees! Added Bees For Minecraft

Earlier this week I had been relatively thinking about Klei’s newly Early-Used change-based cyberpunk stealth sport Invisible, Inc, but as I and others found, it’s a punishing old bastard. I had been onboard with that, as to be stated for your key benefits of XCOM and Spelunky hooking up, but Klei have resolved the issues already using first update is game’sed by the early accessibility. While Regular today really gates factors up somewhat for experts, There’s a brand new ‘Easy’ setting for newbies. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/09/05/invisible-inc-alpha/

We Assume You Not To Expire So Much: Unseen Inc Updates

Malicious Bees? http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/09/05/minecraft-extra-bees-mod/

Wot I Do Believe: Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Version

So, Simudyne gets the accoutrements of the 1980s villain business. But do they do wicked? Well, no. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/09/05/how-games-save-us-from-disaster/

How Games And Simulations Will Save You Us From Devastation

Beforehand the line has been fixed primarily in a mall, but now it goes to a GTA-design openworld metropolis. The clock’s ticking, and you – and anybody – can be rescued by you need to discover a way before Bad Things happen, to escape. There’s build cars and your own personal mad firearms, however and still time to perform decorate. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/09/05/dead-rising-3-review-pc/

Expert Guidance To Boost Your Work Efforts

Your charges and career success are determined by insurance for musicians how much you understand about gainful employment. You’ll not be able to get a job without locating the doorway. Keep reading to find out more knowledge about this.

You should still work at your current occupation while seeking something else. You could damage your professional standing due to goofing off. The employers you might be interviewing with might also catch wind of it as well. You may be successful if you’d like to succeed.

Have questions for the interviewer. You’ll often times be asked whether there are any queries.

Make certain that you get health insurance. The premium is taken right from your check before taxes and it is absolutely more economical than anyone plan. Married couples should consistently compare strategies to see which would better benefit their demands.

Use social media in your resume if possible. Social media is a popular topic, but many firms want individuals with the ability set of posting and writing on social media.

Even if the workplace is a casual one, you are going to make more of an initial feeling if you look professional during the interview procedure.

You have to always make crucial changes for your curriculum vitae on a regular basis. Proofread the info whenever you are delivering it. Be certain the information is still right.

A part-time job could allow you to make just a little money while striving to get accepted at a brand new firm. Many corporations sole trader name registration like food processing plants or courier companies will hire part time so that you can save some money. cafe insurance If you do an excellent job as a part-time employee, you’re going to be much more likely to get the next full time place.

Make a type that you need to make sure to put on applications. You will have to provide dates or details from years past that you can not readily create off the top of your head. It is good practice to write every thing down and keep these details in one simple document. This can make the program process go much faster and smoother.

In case you ‘re worried about cash when livelihood searching, take into consideration taking on a part-time job outside your industry to make sure you can make ends meet. It’s possible for you to become a bartender or server readily while you search.

These services are free and can do the leg work to get you to track down a good job. They match you to the correct job. Be sure your cv remains on it often.

Make certain that you fill out all the details on your job application. Although the same advice can be obtained in your resume, you should reveal potential companies you know just how to do what you asked to do.

A quality curriculum vitae is the key to getting that fantastic standing in the corporation. Make your background apparent to prospective employers with a well organized for quick consumption. Contain information including your work experience, jobs held and abilities. Add volunteering experience and don’t forget your contact information.

Make it a point to show up to your own work early. You might get in your way on the prior shift. By regularly arriving on time to perform, you will often be the trustworthy one that employers can depend on.

Make sure your resume references are up to date. It’s going to be bad for an employer call your references in order to find the information is just not valid. Call your references to verify that their number and location hasn’t changed.

You must know what’s linked to your name on the Internet.You should do an Web research for your yourself on the web to find what appears here and there. This enables one to see what potential employers will see so you can make any required changes.

Bear in mind your curriculum vitae’s just one thing you must impress with. It should always a wise idea to keep it up-to-date and eyecatching. The resume alone will not establish your qualification for the puzzle. You have to be passionate and tradesman insurance comparison prove to the business you are able to make a great impression. Consider your strengths and weaknesses before approaching an available place.

An unanticipated or disagreeable question from an interview might be both frustrating and discouraging. Be aware of any negative work or criminal history before your interview, weaknesses or even disciplinary actions that you could have on your employment history. Do not lie or make things up to compensate for your faults; instead, but be ready to discuss such matters candidly.

Clearly, there is a great deal of amazing advice available to aid you in getting the job you need and deserve. The occupation locating process must not be taken lightly. Some may argue that finding a fresh job is a job in itself! Don’t give up, carry on chugging, and your fantasy job will be there before you understand it.

New Star Wars Picture Resumes Manufacturing After Harrison Damage

It’s time to fire up the engines on the Millennium Falcon (again). Production has resumed on Star Wars: Episode VII following an on-set accident in June that broke… http://www.tvguide.com/News/Star-Wars-Production-Resumes-1086422.aspx?rss=breakingnews

The Following’s New Showrunner Departs

The Following ‘s new showrunner has departed before the new season even begins. Alcatraz executive producer Jennifer Johnson has exited less than… http://www.tvguide.com/News/Following-Showrunner-Exits-1086416.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Chelsea Clinton Leaving NBC News

Chelsea Clinton  has decided to step down from her position at NBC News after three years,  People  reports. “Chelsea’s storytelling inspired people across the country and showcased the real power we have as individuals to make a difference in our communities,” Alex Wallace, a senior vice president of NBC News, said in a statement. “While she will be missed, we look forward to working with her in the future.”  http://www.tvguide.com/News/Chelsea-Clinton-Leaving-NBC-News-1086387.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Bachelor in Paradise: Are Cody and Michelle the Most Surprising Couple in Franchise History?

Spider-Man is getting an upgrade. In the third season his animated Disney XD series , the popular webslinger gets a promotion to the Avengers, and makes some new friends (and enemies) along the way. The new season — premiering Sunday, Aug. 31 at 9 a.m./8c — also comes with a very Marvel-ous mouthful of new title: Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors . http://www.tvguide.com/News/Ultimate-Spider-Man-1086380.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Video: Ultimate Spider-Man Joins the Avengers

Dollhouse fan favorite  Enver Gjokaj  has landed a role as a series regular on Marvel’s  Agent Carter . http://www.tvguide.com/News/Agent-Carter-Enver-Gjokaj-1086389.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Agent Carter Casts Dollhouse Alum Enver Gjokaj

Adrien Brody  might have already won an Oscar at 29 for his work in The Pianist, but for the actor, playing the legendary magician Harry Houdini for History’s latest miniseries was a real bucket list moment. “He was a very heroic person to me as a boy,” Brody tells TVGuide.com. Much like the magician he idolized, Brody grew up in New York City the child of a Hungarian-Jewish mother and took up magic at an early age, performing at children’s birthday parties as The Amazing Adrien. http://www.tvguide.com/News/Adrien-Brody-History-Harry-Houdini-1086386.aspx?rss=breakingnews

For Adrien Brody, History’s Houdini Is a Dream Come True

After enduring 18 seasons of  The Bachelor  and 10 seasons of  The Bachelorette , it takes a lot to surprise host  Chris Harrison . But in its inaugural run of  Bachelor in Paradise , Harrison says there is one coupling that has him stunned. http://www.tvguide.com/News/Bachelor-Paradise-Chris-Harrison-1086383.aspx?rss=breakingnews

A Swarm Of Bees Attacked Blake Lively

I was later informed this sound had emanated from my very own mouth. I’d prefer to never hear it again. Along with everybody else on the East Coast.” Why Martha Stewart Called Blake Lively’s Website ‘Stupid’ “I was shaken. I was swollen. http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/blake-lively-attacked-swarm-bees/story?id=25179093

Why Jessa Duggar Wants to Plan Out Her First Kiss With Fiancé

They’ve already begun thinking about their color scheme (no, nothing has been chosen yet) and who they’d like to tap to be their bridesmaids and groomsmen (yes, their families will be involved). However, both Duggar and Seewald are focused on making sure that their wedding is cost efficient and are considering re-using Jill’s decorations and flower girl dresses. “We’re gonna go really simple with a lot of our food and even flowers and that type of stuff. People spend so much on flowers, it’s outrageous!” Duggar said. “I’ll go to the grocery and buy flowers! http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/jessa-duggar-plan-kiss-ben-seewald/story?id=25175015

Joan Rivers Unconscious Since Being Rushed to Hospital

“It’s my daughter, she’s my biggest muse/There’s someone, we all find out soon/more important than ourselves to lose,” she wrote in a piece called “Bey the Light” for CR Fashion Book . “But for my daughter I dream a day/When no one roots for others to fail/When we all mean what we say.” Beyoncé, 32, recently made headlines for delivering a show-stopping performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. For those kinds of shows, she wrote, she taps into her stage persona, Sasha Fierce — and it doesn’t stop there. Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus: 5 Most Talked About Moments from the VMAs “Though we’re different as blue and red,” she wrote. “I’m not afraid to draw from her in performance, rifts, even in bed.” The poem also touches on her deep connection with her late grandmother, the value she places on prayer and how she views her role as a performer. “You call me a singer, but I’m called to transform/to suck up the grief, anxiety and loss of those who hear me into my song’s form,” she wrote. http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/beyonce-calls-blue-ivy-biggest-muse/story?id=25178326

Beyonce Calls Blue Ivy ‘My Biggest Muse’

“My mother would be so touched by the tributes and prayers that we have received from around the world. Her condition remains serious but she is receiving the best treatment and care possible,” Melissa Rivers said. “We ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts as we pray for her recovery.” Melissa Rivers arrived at the hospital around 8 p.m. Thursday night and has been joined by Rivers’ personal assistant, publicist and reps from E!, the network that airs her show, “Fashion Police,” the source familiar with the situation said. On Thursday morning, Rivers was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City after an emergency call that she was in cardiac arrest at an Upper East Side clinic, Yorkville Endoscopy, sources said. http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/joan-rivers-unconscious-rushed-hospital-source/story?id=25181737